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What is efflorescence?

Efflorescence are mineral salt residues left on the surface as water evaporates from below. It has a white powdery appearance.


In the case of new efflorescence, you can attempt to wipe it off with a dry cloth. DO NOT use a wet cloth as water will only make it worse.


If the efflorescence cannot be wiped off, EC Efflorescence can be used. It is a troubleshooting product specially for removing efflorescence, as well as rust and cement stains. 


To use,

1) Dilute 1 part of EC Efflorescence Remover to 4 parts of water
2) Spray mixture on the affected area
3) Dwell for 2 to 15 minutes, depending on efflorescence buildup
4) Agitate the efflorescence deposits with a stiff nylon/natural bristle brush to loosen stubborn deposits

5) Use a metal scrapper to remove heavy efflorescence buildup
5) Remove the residues using a clean mop or vacuum

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