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What is polishing?

Transform your floor into a CMG floor today.

*Degree of slip-resistance may vary in different conditions, e.g. wet floor or type of shoe worn

*Cost savings calculated based on comparison between conventional powder system and CMG's waterless polishing system

In the past, polishing simply means bringing the tiles to high shine.


However, as our customer needs evolve, so do we. That is why we inaugurated the CMG Complete and CMG Marble waterless polishing cream. Besides polishing, it protects and cleans the tiles in just 1 step with its triaction formula.


Polishing can be split into 2 broad categories: maintenance and restoration.

At East Chem, we advocate regular maintenance. This is because restoration works are generally more complex and tedious, requiring long downtime. 


We understand that maintenance was considered a much dreaded hassle in the past. First, you have to mix the polishing powder with water. Then, you need another person to pick up the slurry using a wet and dry vacuum. There would be at least 2 people working on each sq ft for a good 4 minutes.


With CMG Complete, maintenance is a breeze - just buff to dry bright. No more mixing and vacuuming so you can save your manpower for something else.The result is a clean and shiny floor with soil-resistance, water-repellence, wear-resistance and slip-resistance. So, why hesitate when maintenance has never been so simple, productive and cost-effective?

Why the need for maintenance?

Thought your floor is clean? Think again.

*Degree of slip-resistance may vary in different conditions, e.g. wet floor or type of shoe worn

"Stone is durable, but shine is not."

So, when is restoration needed?

We would recommend restoration when there are lippages, scratches and heavy traffic wear on your existing tiles. 


East Chem has our proprietary EC Pads and C Pads of varying grits to suit your needs and simplify the restoration process.

Granite Polishing Powder