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What are impregnators?

Impregnators are a type of stone penetrating sealant that protects stone surfaces from oils and spills.


They are generally preferred over topical sealants as they do not stop the interior moisture from escaping. Even after application, the stone remains "breathable" for "vapor transmission". Topical sealants, on the other hand, may alter the surface texture and finish, as well as the build up on the surface, affecting the durability of the stone (limited to the maintenance of the sealant). They also trap moisture within the top layer of the stones, causing surface deteriorations during freeze/thaw cycles. 

How to apply an impregnator?

1) Ensure the surface is completely dry.
2) Apply the impregnator directly to the surface by mopping, spraying or rolling on (using a lambswool roller).
3) Wait for it to dry.

*EC Stone Protector will dry in 5 to 15 minutes

*EC X-Pel Impregnator will dry to haze in 20 to 30 minutes

*EC Anti-Fungus Impregnator will dry in a day - If there are existing algae and fungus, pre-wash the surface with EC Jet Clean or EC Never Grow
4) For EC Stone Protector, buff away excess (if any) on highly polished stone surfaces using a single disc scrubber with white/red pad.

For EC X-Pel Impregnator, buff to dry bright using a single disc scrubber with white/red pad.

5) Re-apply another coat for rough surfaces or outdoor use for optimal results.

EC Anti-Fungus Impregnator (with EC Jet Clean)